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Cloak - Cape Source 2013

StyleCloak classical slit, reminiscent of a poncho, women wore before. Presently a traditional fashion spacious supplemented in any detail, allowing to draw note to the fragility and grace of a female figure.To accomplish exactly this capacity, select a cape on the wood floor or medium length. Those who followed a style shows may be sure - most designers complement similar style raincoats, boots high boots. If it is - not a shoes, you can stay on a high platform ankle boots and big heels.  Similar posts:Vogue Sunglasses - however an excuse to be stylishStyle Clothing for summer of linen, silk, chiffonStyle Bright summer hours. . . Читать полностью -->

Overalls: Fashion Jeans Winter 2009 - 2010

StyleDenim overalls are becoming more pop. In a new period's collections were presented justly diverse. Such suits this summer has been seen on approximately American celebrities. Fashionable jumpsuits may have overestimated the waist, slim silhouette or anatomy of a eastern Sharovarov.  Alike articles:Vogue Mode trends of spring: source jacketsStyle Autumn-Winter period 2013/2012: Vogue Ornamentals & FootwearFashion Models of evening dresses for larger gerls. . . Читать полностью -->

Classic sundress Summer 2013

VogueClothing with classical slit for everyday wear can be sewn with practically any fabric - denim and chiffon, silk and jersey.If you require an evening clothes, look for models with a slit cocktail in front and slightly to one position, medium length, done of expensive fabrics. Remember: the exquisite bloom and fabric, the more luxurious you will be at a evening sundress. Very rich be of the clothes fabric metallic, do not lose relevance whiteness, sable and ivory. Designers as well offer evening gowns of deep saturated or pastel tones. It is possible to supplement this dress delicate lace jacket or cardigan thin tracery.  Resembling articles:Fashion Demi-time vogue styles of shoesStyle A experiment or reality?Mode Summer women's pants. . Читать полностью -->

Vogue lovely skirt spring 2013

VogueIt is not a first period we possess a opportunity to flaunt in overalls. The coldness time of the year - a good excuse to clothes up in a costume, which is not only beautify, but also hot. Interestingly, the fashion overalls winter season 2012/2012 - very varied: they may be practical and rigorous, playful and seductive, open and humble...Great skirt - this is a reasonable piece of clothes with which It is possible to create a image to choose from, from romantic to sporty. At the same time, the lovely skirt allows us in any way to be feminine and prettily.A new spring season of 2012 stylists offer women a classical skirts and skirts unusual styles. Every fashionista, taking advantage of our recommendations, will be able to pick for himself the most appropriate great skirt to add to a wardrobe.  Similar articles:Fashion Summer Mode: What to select glassesMode Style jewelry: bags, Accessories, belts, scarves and glovesMode Hits of the summer time. . Читать полностью -->

A average length

FashionSundresses-midi - the perfect solution for business dame. The idea of??a sundress, a frivolous leisure clothes, has get outdated. Today it is worn not alone on a beach or at a party, but as well to work in the job. However, you probably interested in a model up to a knee or just below. Distinctive features of the office sundresses - waisted fit, muted colors, chic cut. For a most part, these models are sewn cutting through the waist and are complemented by a belt - wide or narrow. Читать полностью -->

Mode Jeans Winter 2009 - 2011: acidizing

VogueA collections of the new season of a lot of famous designers presented denim with acid treatment. Recall that they came into vogue a some seasons ago.A most popular now is the acid therapy is dark gray and sable jeans. This allows you to create an abstract pattern that consists of a combination of contrasting sable and whiteness stripes and spots. That jeans are advised to wear blazers, jackets and figgery. All of this want be kept in a monochromatic palette of whiteness, black and gray.  Alike articles:Fashion Sew a summer costume for a slim and full figuresStyle Source style: Major TrendsMode Summer: sundresses, shorts, clothes. . Читать полностью -->

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